Tall Ships Lerwick 2023

Creation of a clean and modern website to promote an international event.

Project Overview

NB's task was to replace the outdated holding page and launch a new website featuring a clean, modern design to raise awareness and build anticipation of the Tall Ships Races' return to Lerwick.

The website was a crucial communication platform as part of the delivery of the event in July 2023, providing valuable information before and during the races, and helping attract visitors to the event.


Our new website is going to be a fantastic asset to our communication with the public. The team at NB Communication have done a great job and really captured the spirit of the event in the site design. They are efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with.

Emma Miller Project Manager


Shetland Tall Ships Ltd is the company responsible for planning and delivering the highly anticipated Tall Ships Races 2023 visit to Lerwick. As a not-for-profit business, it was established with a specific mission: to meticulously organise and deliver this extraordinary event for the fleet and the vibrant community of Shetland.

Amidst the challenges of orchestrating such a grand event, the collaboration between Shetland Tall Ships Ltd and NB Communication sought to lay the foundation for an exceptional online platform. The objective was to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly website that would serve as a powerful communication tool, informing the public about crucial event details while enticing visitors to be a part of this unforgettable spectacle.

The Tall Ships Races is an annual event organised by Sail Training International. The races returned to Lerwick for the third time in 2023 and the organisers needed a new website to raise awareness, build anticipation, and provide important information.


Shetland Tall Ships Ltd faced the challenge of developing an entirely new website that could meet their communication needs and provide a seamless experience for users seeking event-related information. They needed an interactive platform that would allow them to update the public about important event details and offer easy access to vital features like deck hire, volunteering opportunities, and sponsorship options.


Understanding the client's objectives, NB Communication set sail to create a bespoke web design and development solution for Shetland Tall Ships Ltd. The team worked meticulously to craft a clean and modern website that would serve as a powerful communication tool for the upcoming event.

Key features of the site include:

  • News & blog
  • Mailing list signup
  • Contact forms
  • Media sign-up
  • Graphical map of the route
  • Sponsor profiles
  • Event listings
  • Countdown timer
  • Ship listings

Map graphic showing the route

A visually appealing map displaying the planned route of the tall ships, generating excitement among potential attendees.

Sponsor Profiles

Highlighting the esteemed sponsors supporting the event, fostering a sense of community involvement.

Event Listings

A comprehensive listing of scheduled events and activities, helping visitors plan their experience.

Countdown Timer

An eye-catching countdown timer creating anticipation and urgency for the event.

Mailing List Signup

An easy-to-use feature enabling interested individuals to subscribe to receive event updates directly to their inbox.

Internal Navigation

Found at the bottom of all “Visiting Lerwick” pages, these links with images allow users to make their way from page to page easily.


The newly developed website by NB Communication achieved remarkable results for Shetland Tall Ships Ltd:

Effective Communication: The news section and informational pages served as powerful communication tools, enabling the organisers to keep the public informed and updated throughout the event's buildup.

Boosted Event Awareness: The graphical map of the route and detailed ship listings generated excitement and interest, resulting in increased event awareness.

Positive Feedback: Visitors appreciated the website's ease of use, garnering positive feedback for both the event and the online platform.