As a start-up with so many elements of the business to cover, we have found NB invaluable in leading on our website development and online marketing. They are quick to understand what is required and just get on with things. Whether it is putting together a newsletter, running a Facebook promotion or just providing general assistance on digital marketing matters, they are professional, knowledgeable and innovative. We know the future of Shetland Reel's online marketing is safe in their hands.

Debbie Strang


The Shetland Distillery Company approached NB Communication in late 2014 to develop a website for their first product, Shetland Reel Gin. Initially, the site would be basic, but designed with expansion in mind. The main requirement was that the website would give Shetland Reel a platform from which they could sell their product to customers online and build the Shetland Reel brand.

The NB team were particularly excited to work on this project as it gave us an opportunity to be involved with a client right from the beginning, allowing us to see the company grow from a start-up and analyse how our digital work had played a part in this growth.


The first iteration of the website only featured a few pages, but crucially, had a shop page, from which Shetland Reel could sell the gin product via a simple PayPal cart system. Since the website launched in November 2014, Shetland Reel have produced a range of new products. This includes a second type of gin, a limited edition single malt whisky and a blended scotch malt whisky towards the end of 2015. All of these have been added to the site with ease following the pre-launch planning of designing a site which could be built upon over time.

In addition to the website's shop, a blog section has been a recent addition to the website. This gives Shetland Reel a platform on which they can run a content marketing campaign. NB are currently working with Shetland Reel on an ongoing basis to constantly market their products online. Key to boosting Shetland Reel's online sales has been the addition of a newsletter management system. NB are now working alongside the client to release a monthly newsletter promoting the latest Shetland Reel news and products, but at the same time are ensuring more visitors to return to the website and online store.


Since its November 2014 launch, online revenue generated by the site surpassed the total development costs within a few short months, and the site's sales performance has steadily improved over time This is purely through online sales and doesn't take into account the exposure the organisation have received from their website and social media accounts. Additionally, we've seen some impressive results since beginning an email marketing campaign with the intention of driving sales from the website. The first batch of emails were sent out in November 2015, and saw an increase of 288% on the monthly average total sales through the online store. This was followed by another round of targeted emails in December 2015, which is on course to produce similar results.

Services Provided

Website Architecture, E-Commerce System, Newsletter Management System, Content Management System, Website Development, HTML/CSS Coding, Website Visual Design, Blog