Our innovative new dashboard feature gives our visitors something new to see each day.

Melanie Henderson - LPA


Lerwick Port Authority (LPA) operates the most northerly commercial harbour in the country.

The harbour has grown rapidly in recent years to serve the needs of users from various sectors including oil, fish, freight and passenger traffic.

The LPA's previous website looked dated, and it was hard to find information quickly. It was also tricky to use on mobile phones and tablets.

NB Communication developed a brand-new site to address these problems, and to create a much more attractive, enjoyable and useful experience for all.


First, we made sure the new site was instantly appealing by using panoramic aerial images showing off the harbour and surrounding area. This doesn’t just look great on large monitors - the fully responsive design automatically adapts to fit smaller screens too.

The site also features and innovative dashboard which provides at-a-glance information about weather, tides, ferry times, fish prices, ship locations, harbour news, events and forthcoming cruise ship arrivals.

Behind the scenes, we made significant improvements to the content management system to allow the LPA to update website content quickly and easily.


Melanie Henderson, administration officer at LPA, said: "Based on their great track record and portfolio, it was easy for us to choose NB Communication Ltd for the redesign of our website.

"We wanted to improve how we presented port information and services with a more efficient design. Our innovative new dashboard feature gives our visitors something new to see every day.

"Incorporating responsive design elements was essential to make our site easier to view on various mobile devices now being used.

"The team at NB are personable and really easy to work with. It is impressive how they can quickly identify and turn new ideas into reality. The results really show with a 20 per cent increase in visitors to our site over the last year!""

Services Provided

Website Architecture, Newsletter Management System, Content Management System, Website Development, HTML/CSS Coding, Website Visual Design


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