Refreshing and improving the flagship online portal for the Promote Shetland destination marketing service.

Project Overview

As part of NB's work running the Promote Shetland destination marketing service we identified the need to update and refine the website.

The service's objective is to attract more people to live, work, visit, study and invest in Shetland and NB assessed every aspect of the website to ensure it was delivering towards that goal. New content has been added, sections updated and refinements made to improve user experience and optimise performance.

Our overhaul of drew on the work NB did on developing the "Islands of Opportunity" brand proposition which highlights Shetland's untapped potential, and we ensured the website is fully brand compliant.



The website is the flagship online portal of the Promote Shetland destination marketing service, which has been run by NB Communication since 2017.

As the contract provider, NB's team carried out a rigorous assessment of the website, analysing its performance, content and identity. Following that work, we devised a plan for developing the site and bringing it into line with the new "Islands of Opportunity" brand which was developed by NB in 2020.


The Promote Shetland service has a broad remit in marketing the islands as an attractive place to live, work, study, visit and invest – all of which must be reflected on the website.

The existing website had not been updated for many years and needed modernising to improve performance, refresh the content and bring the online portal into line with new brand guidelines developed by NB.


NB's team of developers and coders conducted a thorough analysis of all aspects of to assess its performance and usability. Our designers were involved to overhaul the appearance of the site and ensure it matched the "Islands of Opportunity" brand guidelines.

Since the relaunch NB's content team has created a wide variety of material ranging from blog posts to videos and ongoing campaigns to ensure the website delivers on its objective of promoting Shetland as an attractive place to live, work, study, visit and invest.


Islands of Opportunity

NB's team crafted content for dozens of new sections covering all aspects of life in Shetland to ensure the website meets the "Islands of Opportunity" brand objectives.

Live, work, study, visit and invest

A strategic approach was taken to develop all content to meet Promote Shetland's objectives of attracting more people to live, work, visit, study and invest in the islands.

Digital guides

Our design and development teams created interactive elements helping visitors to learn more about Shetland and start planning their trip at


The new brand guidance was used to inform our creative teams in developing new content about all aspects of life in Shetland from culture to sports and leisure activities.


NB created an attractive new video section where existing and engaging new content can all be accessed in one place. Many of the films are created by NB's extended creative team as part of work on the Promote Shetland service.


Specific campaign pages have been developed within the website including a Jimmy Perez microsite devoted to the "Shetland" television drama, and a section devoted to attract more visitors to the islands during the winter.

Visitor information

NB works closely with local partners in the tourism industry to make sure is populated with clear and accurate information about travelling to, and staying in, Shetland.


NB's innovative approach saw an overhaul of the Current vacancies pages, highlighting all the public sector jobs in Shetland in one place for the first time, as well as directing job hunters to media sites where other roles are advertised.