Shetland Net Zero

Supporting Shetland’s clean energy industry in developing a distinct brand, corporate identity, and digital presence.

Project Overview

NB Communication was deeply involved with Shetland Net Zero, analysing and defining the organisation's core characteristics, before designing a new corporate ID, stationery and marketing materials including letterheads, presentation templates, popup banners, pamphlets, and window stickers. Our expert team also built and optimised the visually appealing website with resources for members, stakeholders and the public.


Shetland Net Zero is a new organisation and NB Communication played a critical role in guiding the discussions, decisions and creative processes that advanced the foundational ideas and ambitions of the forum into a unique and attractive brand design, website and communications materials. NB Communication championed and cheered us on at every stage with infinite time for our questions and ideas, while also seamlessly engaging turbo gear when needed to meet our ambitious deadlines.

Rosa Brown Net Zero Officer


Shetland Net Zero is a new energy forum to unify diverse member organisations, champion the local clean energy industry and inspire people to learn about the sector. With a renewed focus on clean energy developments around Shetland the forum appointed NB Communication to support the launch and its marketing. Our work included analysis of the forum and its core brand identity, development of a modern and professional corporate ID, and construction of a visually appealing and high-performing website.


Shetland Net Zero sought to solidify its brand positioning before a launch campaign to raise awareness of the forum; revitalise the collaboration between varied organisations with interests in the sector; and generate positive momentum to serve Shetland’s best interests. From a standing start, it was crucial to develop an easily recognisable brand identity, build understanding and create an excellent online resource for members and the general public.


Our team worked closely with Shetland Net Zero's directors, thoroughly analysing the organisation, its objectives and brand personality to generate a brand positioning report. This process underpinned all subsequent work including the development of a clean, modern and professional logo, which appears on a range of stationery and marketing assets. NB's designers generated a range of appealing marketing materials that were featured at SNZ's launch event and helped the forum raise awareness.

To capitalise on this, an optimised, user-friendly and visually appealing website was developed. The homepage allows key messages about SNZ to be communicated clearly, with a professional and clean design. Members are featured prominently on the homepage, making it easy for potential members to learn about the benefits and preview those already involved. Profiles give members a professional space to detail their involvement in the industry and net-zero, and they also have access to a password protected members' area.

The website includes a cleverly-designed timeline showcasing advances in the industry and the important role played by Shetland and its clean energy sector. Elsewhere, many resources are presented in a simple grid view and are categorised making it easy to search for and find information in downloadable formats.


Brand positioning and corporate identity

We worked alongside key members of Shetland Net Zero to dissect the challenges and opportunities facing the organisation and define the way it wished to be perceived by partners, the public and stakeholders. This work informed our talented designers who created a corporate identity, representing the brand characteristics.

Beautifully designed website

Clean, modern and professional designs were implemented on the new SNZ website. Everything from the eye-catching logo to the colour choices is carefully selected to represent the organisation's brand and outlook. The crisp, openness of the design combined with the optimised site performance enhances user experience.

Bespoke stationery

Bespoke designs created for Shetland Net Zero's letterheads and presentation templates, help present a consistent brand image across the organisation and its communications.

Member profiles and members' area

Each member can access the site's restricted section helping SNZ streamline communications with, and between, its members. Each member's profile provides important information and highlights the organisation's location with a pin on a digital map. Potential members can easily contact the forum to discover more.


The timeline visually represents Shetland's unique place and history in the energy industry and the development of clean energy projects. Using core elements from the brand design work the timeline perfectly fits the overall theme of the site and sets out important information in an easy to understand way.

Marketing Assets

To make good use of the eye-catching brand identity, NB designed popup banners and window stickers for SNZ members' use. The combination of multiple brand-compliant assets along with the new website helps raise awareness of SNZ and consolidates its reputation.