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December 2016


Shetland Arts Development Agency

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Website Design and Development

Client Description

Shetland Arts is the leading arts agency in the islands. It runs the Mareel cinema and venue; the Garrison Theatre in Lerwick; and the Bonhoga Gallery in Weisdale. On top of managing their venues, Shetland Arts also promotes a year round programme of music, film, visual art, theatre, literature and dance.


Shetland Arts were struggling with their vast online presence, working with individual websites for each venue, and an enormous variety of social media profiles.

Hired initially as strategy consultants, NB spent valuable time at the outset learning about the responsibilities managed by staff at Shetland Arts, and the problems they experienced day-to-day with their online presence at the time.

Following production of a detailed strategy document, NB were asked to put this into action. The initial phase was to redevelop and consolidate the existing websites into a single, unified Shetland Arts site. This was to contain content relating to all activities, events, services and venues.

One particularly important element of the new site is the booking system, used daily by many cinema and gig-goers in Shetland. Working with a third-party system from Monad Ticketing, NB successfully set up a new online booking system that gave Shetland Arts greater control over all ticketing.