Sheila Fleet Jewellery

Bespoke E-commerce for one of Scotland’s leading jewellery designers

Project Overview

NB was commissioned by designer jewellery firm Sheila Fleet Jewellery to build a new bespoke e-commerce website to enhance the user experience and provide greater efficiency for internal processes.


Alex and the team at NB Communication have been fantastic to deal with. We received superb support throughout the development of our new website—from conception to production—and during the transition from our old site, and we've continued to have an excellent working relationship ever since. Sound SEO advice, excellent design skills, a healthy dose of development ingenuity, and an eye for detail, working with NB Communication has been both enjoyable and incredibly productive. Our website has never been better.

Kenny Ritch Digital Marketing Manager


Sheila Fleet Jewellery is a successful company trading online and via several retail stores across Scotland. The old website had served the company well but there was a desire to take things to the next level and tackle some of the frustrations the previous platform provided. Key requirements included improving functionality, such as customer wish lists and advanced filtering, more dynamic content, and automating internal processes for order fulfilment.


Coming from a bespoke e-commerce platform there were limited options for migrating product data. We worked closely with Sheila Fleet Jewellery’s marketing manager to strategically plan the organisation of product data for over 2,000 products, including vital tagging, categorisation and metafields, which would later be used to organise products according to user intent.

The biggest challenge for NB was to ensure that the new site continued to perform. As an established brand with an already successful website that generated a significant proportion of revenue, we absolutely had to make sure that performance, accessibility, and search engine presence did not deteriorate.


We created the design for the site completely from scratch, keeping in-line with the existing branding while also evolving visual aspects of the site styles to present a more refined and quality feel without impacting on usability. The design was coded and developed as a bespoke Shopify theme before integrating with the required functionality.

Key features of the site include:

  • New ‘Browse by colour’ collections, responding to user demand
  • Customer wish list
  • Custom product bundles implementation
  • Advanced product search and filtering
  • Multi-currency switcher
  • Custom-built order summary sheet to automate key details required for the workshop
  • Mailchimp integration
  • ‘Wear it with’ product recommendations

Collection Listings

A varied collection layout keeps users’ interest while also showcasing the range of pieces available.

Product Page

Beautiful and functional product pages provide customers with all the information they need.

Advanced Search & Filtering

Multi-category filtering gives customers the control they need to easily explore Sheila’s vast range according to their preferences.

Mega Menu

Custom-designed panel menus give visitors quick access to navigate straight to their area of interest.


The new Sheila Fleet Jewellery website launched in August 2020. The launch process itself was carefully planned with benchmark analytics data being frequently reviewed against data from the new site. Our goal was to see no immediate discernible difference in site traffic or visitor behaviour following launch, and that’s exactly what we achieved.

Furthermore, the first few months of the new site saw Sheila Fleet Jewellery perform better in several key areas following launch.

In the first four months following launch (compared to the previous year):

79% increase in revenue

39% increase in conversion rate

9.3% increase in average order value