Design and launch of a contemporary website for a cutting-edge renewable energy project.

Project Overview

ReFLEX (Responsive Flexibility) Orkney, is a £28.5 million project aiming to decarbonise Orkney’s energy system, increase the use of local renewable generation and provide a competitive local renewable electricity tariff.

To achieve this, ReFLEX Orkney is rolling out an integrated energy system (IES) across the islands. The project will interlink local electricity, transport and heat networks into one controllable, overarching system.


I've really enjoyed working with Kylie and Alex at NB. They work through a staged process to ensure that the strategy and objectives of the website are set at the start, and then everything is built out from there. They were very accommodating of the flexibility that we required on this project, and were quick to respond to queries and quick to action required changes and updates. On the whole, a very positive experience and NB come highly recommended.

Lisa MacKenzie Marketing & Communications Manager (EMEC)


For ReFLEX Orkney to be successful the people of Orkney need to sign up to the new integrated energy system (IES). This means them having a clear understanding of its objectives and the ways it can benefit their lives, through saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. NB was commissioned to create a practical, easy-to-navigate website, showcasing the main advantages of the IES and encouraging people to become members.


As ReFLEX Orkney is a completely new, cutting edge project, the client was keen to ensure that website visitors could easily grasp what it was all about and how it would work. As with every NB project, we started with a comprehensive digital strategy process. We worked closely with stakeholders and partners and conducted in-depth research to form a specification for the new site. It was clear from the outset that the key to its success was not only explaining the project but also selling in the benefits to two distinct audiences: individuals and businesses.


NB designed a bright, contemporary website, led by enticing images, clear headings and appealing graphics. The result is an easy to navigate site that clearly signposts users through the content, giving an overview of how the IES works and how it will benefit their lives.

The content is split into ‘For home’ and ‘For business’ sections, making it straightforward for individuals and businesses to quickly find relevant information. The main call to action drives users to the membership area of the site, where people can download a membership pack and express their interest via a sign-up form. A key component of the website is the interactive map of Orkney, which shows the islands’ renewable energy projects and useful information, like finding your nearest electric vehicle charge point, car club locations and ReFLEX Orkney hubs.


Interactive Map

An interactive map to show the scale of Orkney’s renewable energy potential. Users can filter by region to discover what low-carbon technology is available in their area.

Compelling Designs

To explain as simply as possible how people can adopt these new low-carbon solutions, we created a visual representation of the customer journey. Using simple graphics, users can see exactly what they need to do to sign up and start using the technology.

Engaging Infographics

Visual elements on the ReFLEX website help explain some of the more complex technologies and the customer sign-up process. The result is a clear, visually-appealing site that’s easy to digest.


Following launch of the site, ReFLEX we’re able to effectively communicate what they do and successfully launch their customer offering despite challenging times during the pandemic. We continued to work with the team developing more features for ReFLEX including an interactive Carbon Calculator to raise awareness of energy usage and provide valuable data for the ReFLEX team.