Shetland Visitor

Shetland Visitor

Client Description

Shetland Visitor is the new online site dedicated to providing information about accommodation available in Shetland.

Project Details

The website offers searching facilities to help potential visitors and tourists to find the most suitable place for them to stay, whether looking to relax in the peaceful countryside, or take in the hustle and bustle of town life. A profile about each accommodation listing is provided; with pricing and facility details, ratings and overviews, as well as links to the property's own websites. It is a one-stop-website to help potential visitors to Shetland to make an easy and astute decision about accommodation.The Shetland Visitor website provides a comprehensive database about a range of different Shetland accommodation. All properties throughout Shetland can list on the database. The online database comprises of a range of information about each property, and offers an easy to use search option for visitors to quickly find and make a decision about the most appropriate accommodation for them, depending on individual needs and desires throughout their stay in Shetland. The website will automatically contact accommodation providers with any enquiries their property receives from visitors through the search function. Ultimately, the website offers a platform for Shetland accommodation providers to list on, and a place that allows easy use for visitors.



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