Client Description

OSPAR is the mechanism by which 15 governments and the European Union co-operate to protect the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic. OSPAR was founded in 1972 with the Oslo Convention against dumping, and was broadened to cover land-based sources and the offshore industry by the Paris Convention of 1974. These two conventions were unified (OS for Oslo and PAR for Paris), up-dated and extended by the 1992 OSPAR Convention. The new annex on biodiversity and ecosystems was adopted in 1998 to cover non-polluting human activities that can adversely affect the sea.

Project Details

OSPAR got in touch with NB following the successful Bonn Agreement project, with a view to improving a dated site, and in particular, making their complex document management system much more user-friendly. While the website is primarily aimed at government officials of the 15 nations involved in the group, there is a huge amount of information which will be of interest to a wider audience.


Public Sector, Marine

Services Provided

Website Architecture, Content Management System, Website Development, HTML/CSS Coding, Website Visual Design, Blog

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