Hazel Tindall

Traditional Shetland knitwear patterns sold online.

Hazel Tindall

Client Description

Hazel Tindall grew up in Shetland, where she was surrounded by talented knitters - there were three generations of knitters in her family home. She has been the holder of the UKHA title 'World's Fastest Knitter' since 2004.

Project Details

Hazel launched a website where she will be selling her unique, authentic Shetland patterns, whilst also providing tutorials, giving people advice and sharing her patterns to inspire new groups of people from all generations to learn and to advance in traditional Shetland knitting. The website offers a wide selection of knitting patterns, ranging from simple gloves and headbands to more complex cushion covers and Fair Isle pattern jumpers.


E-Commerce, Fashion and Textiles

Services Provided

Website Architecture, Logo / Corporate ID Design, E-Commerce System, Content Management System, Website Development, HTML/CSS Coding, Website Visual Design, Blog

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