Harper Macleod

Harper Macleod

Client Description

Harper Macleod, one of Scotland's leading estate agencies, provide services in Shetland and the Highlands and Islands. As one of Scotland's leading, full service law firms, Harper Macleod advises businesses, organisations and individuals on all of their legal needs in Scotland, the UK and beyond.The company have specialist lawyers across all legal disciplines, covering every service you could need in both your business and personal life. Allied to this, their in-depth industry knowledge allows them to apply multi-disciplinary offering to the best effect in any sector.

Project Details

NB were responsible for the Dowle, Smith and Rutherford website. When DSR were bought over by Harper Macleod in 2015, NB were hired to redevelop the existing website, using a fresh design with Harper Macleod's branding. We set out to create something that was very much in line with the client's main website, but we also wanted it to stand apart as an obviously separate entity. The DSR site was very dated but had always attracted a large amount of traffic, so it was essential not to alienate its many regular visitors. Bearing this in mind, many elements of the website's design were taken from the old site, but designed in a manner that brought them up to speed with modern web design trends.The site also has some features in the back-end which makes the client's job a lot easier. Previously DSR were preparing every property schedule from scratch, an extremely time-consuming task. NB developed a schedule generator which lifts the content from a property's page and creates an attractive, consistent schedule for each and every property on the website. These are all instantly downloadable. Harper Macleod also operate a branch in Inverness, serving clients in the Highlands. NB were also tasked with making a duplicate of the Shetland site, so that it could have it's content stripped out and replaced with relevant content related to properties in the Highlands. This has given Harper Macleod a web presence in the area for the first time.


Professional Services

Services Provided

Website Architecture, Newsletter Management System, Content Management System, Website Development, HTML/CSS Coding, Website Visual Design

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