Fraser Knitwear

Fine wool scarfs from the Shetland Islands.

Fraser Knitwear

Client Description

Fraser is a small company which specialises in luxury scarves featuring classic Fair Isle patterns; old filler patterns, known as 'seeds' and 'peeries', which include birdseye, diamonds and rows of small motifs. Fraser scarf designs are developed on a handframe before being produced on a Shima Seiki knitting machine. They are then hand finished and hand-washed and dressed to bring out the natural softness of the wool.

Project Details

Fraser Knitwear is a small e-commerce website that offers these beautiful, unique and luxurious scarfs online.


E-Commerce, Fashion and Textiles

Services Provided

Website Architecture, E-Commerce System, Content Management System, Website Development, HTML/CSS Coding, Website Visual Design

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