Back From Beyond

Be inspired to explore Shetland, create artistic work and share it with the world.

Back From Beyond

Client Description

Back From Beyond brings together the creative side in all of us with the natural environment around us, something we often ignore. Through the site, visitors are encouraged to explore some of Shetland's more remote areas and landscapes. Create something new, if you were inspired by the experience, and share it on the website if you wish.

Project Details

The Back From Beyond website is a space for the project to begin to inspire more people to get out and explore the beautiful landscapes around Shetland, and to create and share artistic work that was inspired by their experience. Following the launch event for Back From Beyond, which showcased eight artists visiting and creating work in the eight different national scenic areas in Shetland, the project hopes to inspire and encourage everyone to get out and create. Over time, various artists will add creations and profiles to the website, and these can be available for download.


Art / Music / Photography

Services Provided

Website Architecture, Content Management System, Website Development, HTML/CSS Coding, Website Visual Design, Blog

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