Bespoke and highly functional websites for an inter-governmental organisation.

Project Overview

Since the 1972 signing of the Oslo Convention, the OSPAR Commission has worked to identify threats to the marine environment, and ensure effective action to combat them. OSPAR has pioneered ways of monitoring the environmental status of the seas, set internationally agreed goals and secured commitments from participating governments.

NB Communication was given the task of designing and building a modern and intuitive, mobile-friendly website capable of handling complex databases.


Thank you to all of you for helping us with the new website. You’ve all been fantastic from start to finish and made the whole project really straightforward and enjoyable. Since the website has gone live I’ve received a lot of very positive comments.

Can you say thank you especially to Chris Thomson. He’s been brilliantly creative and adaptable throughout. I’ve been consistently amazed at his ability to transform my whims and ideas into real, practical solutions and wowed by his patience and professionalism in accommodating our ever shifting goal posts and explaining the technical side of things in clear, simple language.”

Lucy Ritchie Communications Lead, OSPAR


The previous OSPAR website had an extremely dated design, and was difficult to navigate and use. The poor usability was a particularly significant problem given that the site was home to a library of several thousand documents which needed to be readily available to visitors. Since redeveloping the site NB Communication has continued to work with OSPAR to implement various improvements and new sections.


OSPAR required a modern, mobile-friendly website capable of handling a large amount of content, presented in a straightforward and intuitive way. It soon became clear that the database library would need to be completely re-worked, to improve OSPAR's ability to manage the documents, and make them easier to access for front-end users.


NB delivered a brand new, fully-responsive site featuring clean design and clear navigation systems to help users access the large volume of information in an extremely accessible way.

In addition to the core content for each ‘work area’, the site also features a significant archive of meetings, publications, news and downloadable documents. In total, over 20,000 documents are stored and shared via the website, and this number has continued to grow since the site’s launch in 2015. Our team’s database skills contributed towards the success of this site which was extremely well received by the client and users.

Since the launch of the OSPAR website in early 2015, we’ve regularly worked alongside the client and introduced improvements including:

  • Integration of OSPAR’s ‘MAP Matrix’ into an attractive and searchable page allowing visitors to filter content and print or export their selection.
  • Design of an offshoot section of the website called the ‘Intermediate Assessment’, displaying key information and statistics in an attractive way.
  • Development of a new "Ministerial" section for use at OSPAR's meetings. This included options for some pages to be available only to logged in users.
  • Improving template designs to provide visually appealing display options for sections of the site, including use of eye-catching banner images.
  • Enhancing search functionality – the site is large and acts as a gateway to a vast amount of data. NB worked to make the search function as useful as possible, incorporating buttons that direct to other areas of the site and external databases.

Inner Pages

NB worked with OSPAR to ensure the detailed information included within the internal pages of the site is presented in a clear an attractive way.

Gateway Pages

Intuitive gateway pages were developed with eye-catching designs, guiding users to relevant data within the site and in external databases.

Grid List Layout

Clean and crisp designs were implemented across the site providing consistency and ensuring the site is easy to navigate.

New Pages

Through NB's ongoing relationship with OSPAR several enhancements have been made to the site including the introduction of new pages.