Orkney Ferries

A fresh-looking and easy-to-use new website for Orkney’s inter-island ferry service.

Project Overview

NB Communication’s experienced team designed and built a new website for Orkney Ferries Ltd. with a modern theme to match the new brand. A sharp focus on usability benefits customers and site administrators, with improvements to the booking and timetable search functions.


It was a real pleasure to work with the team at NB Communication to deliver this project, they took the time to fully understand our requirements and produced innovative ways of delivering what we needed.

We’ve been delighted by how easy it is to add content and update the website, and we’re really pleased with the clean and modern feel of our web pages.

This has been a really positive change for Orkney Ferries, and feedback from our customers has been excellent.

Nicola Owen Team Manager (Ferry Operations)


Orkney Ferries Ltd.’s existing website required modernisation and NB Communication was appointed to deliver an improved and visually appealing replacement site. Key requirements were improving mobile compatibility and user experience while also making the site easier to manage for administrators.


Orkney Ferries website needs to handle a lot of data and present it in a simple-to-find and simple-to-search way. However, the existing site structure meant that some important information was not easily discoverable. The client wanted to introduce a new design to represent changes to the brand identity, and improve the experience for customers, making it easier to find information and make bookings.


NB focused on new functionality to greatly improve usability including an interactive map detailing the routes from Orkney Mainland to 13 island destinations. We also made it easier for customers to book directly via the site with a prominent “Book now” call to action in the header. A clean, modern, and easy to navigate design was created, helping showcase Orkney Ferries’ new branding. NB’s team designed and developed a new timetable search linked to the booking system to show availability and information such as fares, times and trip duration. Improvements were also made to the CMS making the site much easier to manage and update, including a single location for document storage and simple ways to update travel information.


Mobile compatibility

All NB-designed sites are built with mobile compatibility in mind, ensuring that users can view the optimum versions of the site regardless of the device they use. It was important for Orkney Ferries that customers could access timetables and make bookings on-the-go.

Easy to use CMS

Our favoured content management system is simple, intuitive, and saves time for backend users.

Improved user experience

By improving the site navigation we made the site easier to use, while also making forms and documents more accessible.

Modern, visually appealing design

NB’s design team crafted a new-look site to replace the outdated designs and reflect Orkney Ferries’ new visual branding.

Timetable search feature

One of the most important pieces of information on the whole site is the ferry timetables. We optimised the system to ensure customers can get to the correct information easily.

Encourage online bookings

A primary objective of the website is for customers to book online. “Book now” was made the most prominent call to action, with conspicuous links to the booking platform added throughout the site.