Orkney 2025

Crafting a Distinctive Brand for Orkney 2025 Island Games

Project Overview

NB Communication created a unique brand identity for the Orkney 2025 island games, encapsulating the essence of Orkney's rich heritage and the spirited aspirations of the games. The resulting flexible design assets were used for multiple applications across digital and physical products.


We selected NB communication to develop our branding for the Orkney International Island Games, which will be held in July 2025, because of their reputation and their strong desire to engage us in a collaborative design process. And we were not disappointed.

Working with three members of our team through a number of online design meetings, the NB team absorbed our ideas, helping us to reach a consensus about what aspects of Orkney's history and community we would like to focus on. They then took these ideas to develop a range of options, for us to select from and further refine, until we arrived at a fantastic brand logo that we feel reflects very clearly important parts of Orkney's heritage, whilst also being eye-catching and clearly representing the Orkney 2025 Island Games as a sports event.

We are very proud of our logo and very grateful to the work of NB communication in helping us achieve such a great outcome.

Beccy May Vice-Chair Orkney 2025


The Orkney 2025 Inter-Island Games, scheduled to take place from 12-18 July 2025, represents a significant event in the realm of international multi-sport competitions. Organised under the auspices of the International Island Games Association (IIGA), this biennial event will bring athletes from various islands worldwide to compete in Orkney. This edition is particularly momentous, as it coincides with the 40th anniversary of the Games' inception.


Orkney 2025 sought to establish a fresh, distinctive identity that resonated with its mission statement "Inspire – Encourage – Involve". The primary challenge was to navigate the balance between embracing the rich cultural history of Orkney and projecting a forward-thinking, inclusive vision for the games. The team needed to create a brand that resonated with both the local community and the international audience, encapsulating the unique character of Orkney. Avoiding clichéd Scottish symbols, the brand had to stand out in the global arena of sporting events, embodying the themes of inspiration, encouragement, and involvement, while showcasing Orkney's distinctive heritage and vibrant community life. This required a deep understanding of Orkney's history, culture, and aspirations, and the ability to translate these elements into a compelling visual language that spoke to a diverse audience.


NB Communication meticulously explored Orkney's Viking heritage and iconic landmarks for inspiration. The team drew colour inspiration from the stained glass of St Magnus Cathedral and consulted Viking rune experts to create a collection of modified rune symbols representing various sports. This innovative approach resulted in a vibrant and versatile brand identity, deeply rooted in Orkney's legacy yet modern and engaging, perfectly capturing the spirit of the Orkney 2025 games.


Design inspired by the history of Orkney

The design team drew inspiration from ancient runes and the vibrant hues in the stained glass of St Magnus Cathedral to create a unique and fresh visual language that captures the essence of the Games’ identity.

Website design

The newly developed brand identity was used to inform the design of the website, which NB built as part of this project.

Flexible design assets

The new branding’s repeating pattern is flexible for use in a range of applications, whilst remaining distinctive.