Lerwick Port Authority

An impressive new website for Lerwick Port Authority to promote Shetland’s principal commercial port.

Project Overview

Lerwick Port Authority owns and operates Shetland's principal commercial port, Lerwick Harbour. It’s a modern and versatile maritime hub, offering industry-leading facilities to sectors such as oil and gas, decommissioning, cruise, and fishing.

NB redeveloped Lerwick Port Authority's website in line with their rebranding, improving usability throughout and adding several new features.



Lerwick Port Authority is one of NB Communication’s long-standing clients and we’ve carried out several successful digital projects for them since 2008. After going through a major rebrand in 2017, Lerwick Port Authority needed a bespoke website to be created with a range of new features.


The previous site included a large amount of information, targeted towards a range of different users. The new site needed to retain this information but list it in a way that was easy for the user to navigate and find what they were looking for.

Some of the pages on the previous site weren’t optimised for mobile viewing, so creating a new website that was fully responsive across different devices was essential.

The integration of a port management information system was a key part of the redevelopment. This would allow live shipping information to be displayed on the website in a user-friendly format.

The previous content management system had been in place for many years and was no longer fit for purpose. A new, up to date system was required that allowed for quick and easy updates of the site’s content.


The new website provides Lerwick Port Authority with a much-improved look, feel, interface and content management system. The site’s visual design is focused around Lerwick Port Authority’s latest branding and is bold and engaging.

The site’s navigation has been optimised to allow users to intuitively find their way around the site and find the content they’re looking for.

A major upgrade to the site’s content management system has increased the ease of adding and updating content on the site.

A live shipping information page has been added that details the vessels currently in port, as well as expected arrivals and recently departed vessels. This integration of the port management information system means port staff are now able to enter information in a single location.


Dashboard - Lerwick Harbour Today

Live shipping information, tide tables, webcams, and latest news have been incorporated into one dashboard-style page that provides users with a dynamic overview of shipping and port-related information.

Listings Pages

Updated listing pages for case studies, news and events have been added and include filtering options, making the site easier to navigate.

Mega Menu

The updated mega menu allows for much easier navigation throughout the site.

Map Graphics

Map graphics have been added to show Lerwick Harbour’s strategic and attractive position for industries such as cruise and decommissioning.