Arch Henderson

A refreshed online experience that showcases wide-ranging expertise and impressive past projects

Project Overview

Arch Henderson needed a new website which had the “wow” factor and reflected the calibre and quality of services they deliver. NB delivered a modern design which utilises homepage video, full width images, clear calls to action and an updated, user-friendly CMS allowing for easy updates. The interactive images and comprehensive projects section give Arch Henderson the ability to communicate their vast experience in a wide range of disciplines.



Arch Henderson is an architectural and engineering partnership with seven offices across the UK. Originally established in 1919, the firm has a long history of involvement in some of the most impressive maritime, structural and civil engineering projects in Scotland.


Arch Henderson had two existing sites; one main site and another focussed on the architecture side of the firm. One of the goals was to consolidate these into one main website whilst also retaining the focus on the main service offerings.

Following a detailed strategy phase, we developed a specification for the new site that would provide refreshed messaging and more impressive demonstration of the impressive past projects in their portfolio.


One of the key development areas that Arch Henderson have been involved in is Aberdeen Harbour. During the strategy session we came up with an idea for showing an interactive project map by overlaying markers on an aerial photograph. This element on the homepage was developed to engage visitors whilst effectively demonstrating the wide range of disciplines and expertise the firm has.

Most importantly, the projects section includes the provision for displaying engaging media content that reinforces the scale and capabilities of completed work. We enabled a cross-linking feature via the content management system so that projects are tagged with sectors. This provides users with a clear journey through the site, enabling them to easily locate and explore more of the content they are interested in.


Interactive Projects Image

An impressive aerial image allows users to browse the huge range of projects completed in a single location - Aberdeen Harbour

Filterable projects section

The detailed projects section can be filtered by discipline, helping to communicate the range of expertise available.

Expertise pages

Individual service pages provide further information on each area of expertise with links to relevant projects.


The new Arch Henderson site launched in 2018 and immediately provided a much improved content management experience compared to the two separate previous sites. The site has helped to better demonstrate the scale, complexity and diversity of projects they deliver, and this culminated in a celebration of the firm’s centenary year in 2019.