Branding and corporate positioning

Developing a powerful identity and clearly-defined brand to help your organisation stand out and achieve success.

The most successful businesses and organisations are those which have a memorable brand and a distinct corporate strategy that guides everything they do. NB Communication will help analyse your brand, exploring positioning, brand personality and values, and the way your organisation presents itself visually.

Brand analysis

An effective brand is not afraid to be distinct and understands that to gain a competitive advantage it must stand out from the crowd. Working with key people in your organisation NB's team will analyse your organisation and the characteristics that make it unique.

Our tried and tested process will delve into your business' values, its distinctive personality and the qualities that set it apart – helping your organisation break into new markets and achieve its goals.

Corporate positioning

Following rigourous analysis our team will prepare a report which identifies the core characteristics of the business or organisation and succinctly states what makes it unique. We will work with you to refine this and prepare a single proposition that encapsulates your brand and what it stands for. We will also explore the challenges and opportunities facing your organisation and define key audiences that your brand should be engaging with.

Our report will include recommendations on how to position your brand to achieve market penetration and bring it to life across multiple channels. This process will help guide your marketing efforts and ensure your messaging remains consistent, uses a clear tone of voice and is strategically developed to deliver success regardless of the channel.

Visual identity

Our talented design teams will seek inspiration from your brand report and create a unique visual identity that represents your brand and its personality. We will develop logos which stand out and which can be used effectively across multiple platforms, from your website and social media through to corporate stationery and physical marketing assets. Aligning your corporate identity to a clearly defined brand proposition ensures that all aspects of your organisational marketing complement each other.