Brand Development

Develop a powerful identity and clearly-defined brand to help your organisation stand out and achieve success.

NB's experienced team is skilled at analysing organisations' unique values to develop a distinct identity. Our rigorous process provides you with a clear understanding of brand, helping set you apart from competitors.

NB Communication will help analyse your brand, exploring positioning, brand personality and values, and the way your organisation presents itself visually. NB's branding services will give insight into what is unique and innovative about your brand, and give you the understanding to harness that to gain competitive advantages.

Brand strategy workshops

Working with key people in your organisation NB's team will analyse the organisation and the characteristics that make it unique. We will give you the tools to capitalise on your distinct identity and stand out from the crowd.

Through participation in a brand strategy workshop, you and your team will gain clarity on your business's distinctive personality, its values, and the qualities that set it apart – helping you break into new markets and achieve organisational goals.

Following rigourous analysis from our experienced team, you will receive a report on the core characteristics of your business and succinctly highlighting what makes it unique. By exploring the challenges and opportunities facing your organisation, and identifying the key audiences your brand should be engaging with, we'll help you develop a single proposition that encapsulates your brand and what it stands for.

This will give you the confidence to position your brand effectively and bring it to life across multiple channels guided by a robust and consistent brand strategy to achieve market penetration.

Brand identity design

Visual identity is an important aspect of your brand, which helps create recognition, builds awareness, and can be used effectively across digital and physical platforms from your website and social media through to corporate stationery and physical marketing assets. Aligning your corporate identity to a clearly defined brand proposition ensures that all aspects of your organisational marketing complement each other.

Inspired by your ideas and your insight about the brand, our designers will create several conceptual designs representing your corporate personality. Rigorous refinement of these concepts will provide you with a final unique logo, designed to represent your brand and be immediately recognisable. This will be provided in a range of digital formats and sizes so you own everything required for your future marketing needs.

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