Marketing and Optimisation

Digital Marketing Campaigns

A coordinated marketing approach to help you make a splash for your new product or service launch

There are many opportunities to promote your products or services online, the difficulty is making your business stand out from the crowd. NB Communication’s expert team knows what it takes to develop an effective digital marketing campaign that delivers results.


Your business almost certainly has a website, social media accounts, email lists and countless other ways of communicating with existing and new customers. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to communicate effectively.

It is crucial to understand how different digital platforms work, who uses them, and how they complement each other. NB is experienced at delivering campaigns across a range of digital media, helping ensure your brand message reaches target groups. Our experts can help create an effective strategy, removing the stress from digital marketing.

NB runs the Promote Shetland service including ambitious multi-channel digital campaigns like “Find Your True North” which launched in November 2021. That campaign includes eye-catching bespoke content, blog posts and photography, a new microsite, multi-channel social media, paid ads, newsletters, and media coverage.

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Get positive exposure for your new products or services.

We work with a growing number of e-commerce businesses and have developed winning strategies to drive awareness and increase sales.

NB Communication provided a digital marketing strategy to Shetland Recreational Trust for the launch of its MORE4Life membership scheme in October 2021. Our team created a dedicated landing page, plotted a schedule for high-profile social media activity, and co-ordinated the media launch.

NB has also supported Shetland Distillery Company to successfully launch many of its special edition gins, attracting widespread national media coverage and selling more bottles, more quickly.

Our team can oversee blog posts and copywriting, email campaigns, website content, paid digital advertising, social media competitions, pre- and post-launch press releases and engaging with industry influencers.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach a wide audience but growing and managing a mailing list takes time and effort.

By launching an email marketing campaign, you’re probably committing to sending a regular newsletter (weekly, monthly, quarterly – whatever suits you!)

NB's digital marketers frequently help clients create attractive, concise email campaigns which will encourage existing and potential customers to keep returning to your website. Furthermore, we can assist you with figuring out the best ways to get people to join your list, so that your efforts to create regular email content never go to waste.

Our team can monitor every newsletter sent out, providing insights on how many people open your mail, what they click on and how many times they follow any particular link. We can use this valuable information to tailor future emails better to your audience’s habits and preferences.

Destination Marketing Campaigns

Promoting places with inspiring and inspirational content, pinned together with film, photography, powerful copy, email marketing, media coverage and paid advertising.

New Service Launches

Making a splash to promote your new service and get in front of the right people.

Product Launch Campaigns

Capitalising on sales with product launches that can engage both new and returning customers.

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