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Optimising your website for e-commerce could open the door to a much wider audience for your business and boost your profits, regardless of what you sell.

Our expert e-commerce services are helping remote, rural and island producers reach new audiences and increase revenue from online sales.

Here at NB we use Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform which has proven itself as an excellent system for small and growing businesses.

Here are a few reasons to consider Shopify – and NB – if you think e-commerce is the way forward for you:

We’re Experts:

Shopify themselves gave us ‘Expert’ status, listing us as an agency they’d recommend to potential clients for Shopify development. We were one of the first agencies in Scotland to achieve this status in January 2017.

You can view our Shopify Experts profile by clicking here.

High Quality Designs:

Shopify has a theme store offering beautiful, mobile-friendly themes that can be customized easily to fit your brand. At NB we’ve got the skills to design bespoke Shopify themes too; so if you’re looking for something that will help you have that stand-out wow factor, we can also design and develop a new Shopify theme from scratch.

Flexible Add-On Modules:

Shopify also has its own app store, offering a wide range of add-ons that can be used to improve your site. Modules exist for just about everything you could need, from specialized shipping options to inventory tracking tools and accounting system integrations.

Integrated Blogging Platform:

Before you can sell, you need to attract an audience to your website. It’s absolutely essential to create regular content that brings in visitors. Conveniently, Shopify is set up so that you can blog quickly from your website, allowing you to immediately tap in to your customer community.

Reports & Analytics:

Shopify Reports provide access to insights and analytics that tell you everything you need to know about how your store is performing. This information is extremely useful when it comes to reviewing and adjusting the way your products are listed online.

Discount Codes:

Shopify offers a flexible discount code engine, whereby discounts can be generated for a specific value or percentage. It’s possible to specify the period when codes are valid from and to, which items they can be used on, or the minimum spend required, so that discounts can be kept under control. This option allows you to build engaging marketing campaigns around the offers you have live at any time.

Point of Sale (POS):

With Shopify's integrated Point of Sale solution, you can sell in person and online with all orders and reporting available in one place. Attending trade shows? Take an iPad and a card reader and your good to go. Got a physical store with an outdated till system? Upgrade to Shopify's full hardware and get a modern system that can save you time and provide a great experience for your customers and staff.

Shopify Mobile:

At NB, we stress the importance of having a mobile-responsive website, and an e-commerce site should be no different. With Shopify Mobile your storefront will look great on phones and tablets, and you can view vital information about your shop from your iOS and Android devices. Keep track of your sales statistics, orders, products and inventory levels while on the go!

If you choose NB Communication as your e-commerce partner, we believe it’s important that we design and build an attractive site that actually does sell regularly – generating an impressive ROI for you. We hope that you’ll partner with us for ongoing digital marketing activity that can bring in new customers, help you sell more and increase your profits through targeted digital marketing campaigns. Building and launching your store is only the beginning!

See how our dedicated e-commerce website service is helping clients already.

  • Jewellery

  • We’ve assisted some of Scotland’s leading jewellery brands with the setup and ongoing promotion of lucrative e-commerce websites, which have become integral parts of their business revenue.

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  • Food and Drink

  • Food is a vital part of our economy. We have worked alongside local restaurants and takeaways to develop their online presence for the tourism market. Similarly, we support several local producers to sell their products locally, nationally and internationally.

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  • Crafts and Textiles

  • Whether it be the landscape, heritage, culture or people, the Northern Isles are the source of inspiration for many award-winning jewellers and artists. With designs that share the islands with the world, our e-commerce expertise has helped our most creative entrepreneurs conquer global markets.

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