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Founded on the remote Shetland Isles, NB Communication opened an office in the bustling Scottish capital Edinburgh, in 2016. So now we’ve had a chance to experience the best of both worlds.

Our interest in destination marketing stems from our close working relationship with the team at Promote Shetland, who have the fortunate job of selling Shetland to the world.

Being that this is our home, and we’re proud Shetlanders, we’ve not only taken the time to learn how best to promote it as a great place to work, visit and live, we’ve also been keen to apply these skills to help other destinations, including our neighbouring Orkney Islands and the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

We provide solutions from the top level down, from towns, cities and even countries, to the unique things that make any place special – the local tourist attractions, places to eat, drink and stay.

We take the time to learn everything there is to know about the place you want to promote. We help you identify what will make your destination stand out online, and develop a strategy to tailor your online campaign to those strengths.

There’s no doubt that a stunningly designed and well crafted website acts as a great central hub, one that can provide potential visitors with all the information they need to know; but through our experience we’ve also learned how to create exciting online tools and features, based around maps and multimedia experiences, which are specific to your destination and help bring it to life.

There really is so much more to destination marketing than just a website that helps those already thinking of a trip. You also want to attract new people to the website via a whole range of methods, including social media, e-mail marketing, PPC and blogging (to name just a few). As your destination’s dedicated digital partner, we can assist you with all of this; constantly monitoring performance and ensuring everything is done to keep your destination fresh in the mind of your potential audience.

Take a look at how our dedicated destination marketing service has helped some of our clients below.

“Our new-look website developed by NB Communication went live recently and we are incredibly happy about it!”Gillian Henry

See how our dedicated Destination Marketing service is helping clients already

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