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Showcasing Arrow as a world-class factual content production company.


Arrow create award-winning factual content under two programming labels: Arrow Media and Arrow Pictures. NB was contracted to create a new website for the company, encompassing both arms of the business and to promote Arrow as a first-class production company to a global audience.

“I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on the Arrow website. It's great to see Arrow represented much more accurately online and to have a system that we can update so easily. Thank you for being so responsive. It's been a pleasure working with you on this. We are looking forward to letting everyone know about Arrow's shiny new website!”Jill FranklinWebsite Project Manager

How we got there


Arrow is an award-winning production company based in London. They make documentary content for clients including Channel 4, BBC, Channel Five, Investigation Discovery, Smithsonian, PBS, Discovery and National Geographic. In November 2018, the company was divided into two creative labels – Arrow Media and Arrow Pictures – to help fuel its creative growth.


Arrow had a website but it didn’t accurately reflect the scope of what the company did or make clear that it was divided into two separate production labels: Arrow Media and Arrow Pictures. They required a new website that would showcase Arrow as a creative powerhouse, responsible for making high quality and award-winning factual content. The brief stated they wanted a new website with a ‘wow factor’ that would attract interest from clients all over the world.


Working closely with Arrow’s marketing team based in London, NB created a fresh, contemporary design for the site, incorporating Arrow’s brand identity. As many of Arrow’s clients are online while on the move, it was essential that the site was designed with a mobile-first approach and fully responsive across all platforms. The design also had to have eye-catching imagery to reflect the many projects Arrow have worked on and their high production values.

To capture the fact that Arrow is now split into two labels, we created one all-encompassing homepage, which features links to internal pages on everything they’ve worked on. There are also two landing pages, one for Arrow Media and one for Arrow Pictures. These essentially work as mini-homepages for the different brands and have their own URLs which redirect to them. These pages pull in information from throughout the site, such as projects, news, staff updates, and so on, to build a page that is constantly relevant and up to date.

Key to the project was creating a well-structured sitemap because different stakeholders look for different things on the site and it has to be easy for them to quickly source relevant content.

Finally, we upgraded the CMS, allowing the team at Arrow much more freedom to update the site themselves. They can easily add new portfolio entries and the landing pages are easily updated by using a simple tagging system to find information relevant to each of the brands within the organisation.

An engaging new homepage


View scope of work using various filter options


Image-led showcase of programmes



The new Arrow website was launched in October 2019 and has been very well received by the client and its stakeholders. It provides a clear overview of the two Arrow production labels, strengthening their brand proposition and helping them to promote and grow their company worldwide.



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