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We've Just Launched The Venture North Heritage App

September 30, 2016

Our client Venture North are constantly working hard and looking for new ways to promote the Scottish Highlands to potential tourists. Having worked alongside them to create a website, a platform to showcase short films and the promotion of a food festival, we were delighted when they asked us to get involved with their latest plan - the creation of a map-based tourism app for iOS and Android devices.

We're more known for our design and development of websites rather than apps, but we were keen to take on the challenge. NB's development team learned a great deal about the process of app development and we're really proud of the final product. Hopefully we'll be able to put these skills to use again in the future with apps becoming more and more popular.

The Venture North Heritage App allows users to locate and learn about sights and attractions close to them around the Caithness and Sutherland area, although it could be just as useful when planning a trip to the far north of Scotland. The app’s map can be searched via a variety of filters under the headings of ‘Area’ and ‘Interest’, so for example, if you’re looking for historical churches in the Thurso area, the Venture North Heritage App will put in all the work for you.

Download the Venture North Heritage App by following the links below:



September 30, 2016

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