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Promoting Shetland for five more years

NB Communication has been awarded the contract to run the Promote Shetland destination marketing service until 2027.
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February 1, 2022

Showcasing Shetland

Here at NB Communication we have enjoyed every aspect of running the Promote Shetland service for the last four and a half years. So we are delighted to have secured the contract to continue delivering the destination marketing effort for the next five years.

The award gives the agency the chance to build on the work we have done since taking over responsibility in 2017. We are excited to renew Promote Shetland's focus on changing people's perceptions of the islands.

The aim of the service, funded by Shetland Islands Council, is to build a strong brand and positive reputation for Shetland as a place to live, work, study, visit and invest.

NB’s managing director David Nicol is thrilled the agency has retained the high-profile contract and promised to continue developing innovative ideas.

He said NB’s digital marketing expertise would be used to showcase the most amazing aspects of life in the islands.

As a Lerwick-based digital marketing agency we are incredibly proud to win the right to continue delivering this important service.

We firmly believe that Shetland has a bright future and I’m excited about the prospect of developing new strategies for promoting the islands as an exceptional place to live, work, study, visit and invest.

Over the last four and a half years we have devised creative strategies, embraced sophisticated multi-channel digital campaigns, and built a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Shetland.

Islands of Opportunity

One of the major highlights of NB’s work since 2017 was developing the Islands of Opportunity brand, which is built around demonstrating Shetland’s natural beauty, dynamic, forward-looking community and exciting prospects.

“We now have the chance to build on that work to showcase the genuine potential that exists in Shetland,” David adds. “We are looking forward to hitting the ground running and using NB’s in-house expertise to spread that positive message.

“Our aim is to showcase the authentic Shetland and celebrate the unique culture, landscapes and incredible untapped potential of these islands.”

Building on experience

Since 2017 NB’s work for Promote Shetland has included:

  • Developing a popular series of films showcasing the experiences of “The Shetlanders”.
  • Building an extensive list of newsletter subscribers who received targeted information each month.
  • Refreshing the flagship Shetland.org website and adding bespoke new content that embraces the Islands of Opportunity brand.
  • Using social media to engage with groups with a specific interest in living and working in Shetland.
  • Supporting strategic recruitment to key areas across the health service and public sector.
  • Developing branded documents for community groups to help them attract new residents.
  • Leading high-profile campaigns, including the ongoing Find Your True North campaign aimed at attracting move winter visitors.
  • Creating numerous films showcasing the best of life in Shetland, which have been widely shared across social media platforms.
  • Working closely with local stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of Shetland’s future needs.
  • Promoting Shetland to new audiences, including the creation of the first television advert encouraging people to visit the islands.

All that work will continue but NB has plans to grow its team and develop the service even further over the next five years.

Watch this space.

February 1, 2022

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