Zoe Scott

Meet the NB intern: Zoe Scott

September 24, 2019

Meet Zoe

Zoe is an intern in our Edinburgh office and she will be working with us over the next year. She is in her final year studying International Business with Marketing at the University of Strathclyde. Zoe has a passion for travel and has spent the past three summers working at a summer camp in America. Over these three summers Zoe has travelled to 14 different states including California, Utah and Tennessee.

Zoe enjoys blogging about her travel experiences and sharing photos on her social media pages. Most recently she has posted blogs about her exchange semester spent studying in Canada. You can check out her blog here - https://myamericansummers.blogspot.com

With the desire to learn more about the digital marketing environment, Zoe is looking forward to developing new skills while working with NB Communication.

Zoe’s Q&A

We asked Zoe a series of fun questions, so you can get to know her a little better.

1.Tell us a surprising fact about yourself?

I love to sail and I love being on the ocean. I have never actually sailed in Scotland, but it is definitely something I want to do in the next few years.

2. What are your top 3 life highlights?

  • Visiting Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada during my exchange semester. Ice skating on frozen Lake Louise and skiing in the rocky mountains was an amazing experience and the perfect way to spend the winter break.
  • Learning to sail while working at my summer camp in Virginia. It is a skill that I never thought I’d learn and it has allowed me to see so many incredible things up close – including skates, dolphins and even a giant sea turtle.
  • Hiking in Yosemite national park in California. It has so many amazing hikes which take you past huge waterfalls and give you an amazing view over the park.

3. Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?

Someone once told me that I look like a character from Game of Thrones, but I don’t watch the show so it didn’t really mean much to me. It was probably just a character with blonde hair…

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist because I have always loved whales and the ocean.

5. If you could be any animal, which would you be?

Honestly, any animal that lives in the ocean. It’s just such a vast and unexplored place to me that would be really cool to live in.

6. What is your favourite aspect of university?

I love the opportunities it has given me to study abroad and meet so many new people. I have also loved working within different groups on various projects throughout my studies.

7. If a friend came to visit you in Edinburgh, what would you take them to see?

I would definitely take them up Arthur’s Seat for an amazing view over the city!

8. What technology innovation made the most impact on your life?

Probably the internet and social media because it allows me to keep in contact with friends from all over the world. The internet makes the world a smaller place and connects so many different people.

9. What would you name your boat if you had one and why?

Hmm, I’d probably call it ‘Bonnie’ because it’s a word that reminds me of Scotland and I’ve always thought that it’s a really pretty name.

10.What is the most important personal attribute that you bring to your job?

I love meeting new people and making people feel welcome which I believe are positive attributes to have in the business world.

11. What advice do you have for someone who is thinking about finding an internship?

Definitely pursue an internship. You learn so much being at university but you don’t truly figure out what you want to do until you see the work being put into action. It will allow you to develop your skills hugely and figure out what kind of work you want to pursue.

September 24, 2019

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