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Make the most of interactive maps by creating shareable content

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September 8, 2023

Interactive maps provide a useful way to present engaging information to your website visitors, but they can also serve as a powerful tool for creating shareable content to boost your digital marketing. Here are some inspirational ideas for using interactive maps to promote your website and brand:

Create location-based guides

There are many ways a business or brand could benefit from using interactive maps. Destination marketing organisations (DMOs) and tourism associations want people to discover more about their destination, while organisations with multiple branches can use maps to give more information about different locations.

Embedding interactive maps on your website provides an engaging way to do this and has the added benefit of allowing visitors to share your digital content, spreading the word about your brand.

Maps not only provide easy to understand information helping customers plan a visit, but they can also tell others about their chosen highlights. Don't forget to use a call to action, urging people to share with their friends and family.

Use location-based interactive quizzes

Encouraging user-interaction is a great way to ensure people engage with your content and stay on your site for longer. Plus, you will gain valuable insights into what site visitors know about your brand.

Ideas include creating a quiz asking site visitors “how much do you know about …” your brand or its destinations. For example, users can identify the locations of landmarks or tourist attractions on a map, sharing their results on social media and encouraging others to complete the quiz, driving more traffic to your website.

Enhance marketing and SEO strategies

One of the most significant benefits of using interactive maps on your website is the potential for enhancing your marketing and SEO strategies.

Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay

Here are some ways you can use interactive maps to achieve this:

Boost SEO performance

Interactive maps can be used to target specific audiences and improve your local SEO strategies. By highlighting local landmarks, attractions, and businesses, you can attract visitors to your website from specific geographic locations. This can help to improve your search engine rankings for local search terms and increase your website's visibility to your target audience.

• Create location-based campaigns and promotions

Interactive maps can be used to create location-based marketing campaigns and promotions, helping you to target specific demographics and locations and driving more traffic to your website.

• Understand user behaviour and search trends

Interactive maps can provide valuable data on user behaviour and search trends that can inform your marketing strategies. This information can be used to optimise your website content, and enhance your marketing and SEO strategies.

Map out the future

By incorporating interactive assets like maps into your website design, you can enhance user experience and ensure that your website stays fresh and relevant by offering flexible and engaging content, designed to your specific requirements and brand identity.

Not only do maps look great, but they offer valuable information to site visitors, improving the overall experience, and enhance your brand’s online presence and reputation. Incorporating interactive map functionality into your website can also provide your organisation with valuable insights into user behaviour.

We have previously explored some best practice tips for integrating interactive maps into your website. Navigate your way to the blog post.

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September 8, 2023

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