Alex Fenton

Google Tours in Shetland

September 30, 2015

Google Tours are a relatively new addition to the maps feature we are all used to. Ever since the unveiling of Street View back in 2007, we have become accustomed to searching out locations in more detail, whether for practical reasons or just a bit of fun.

Google tours are the next stage in immersive media that allow you to virtually enter a shop or premises and walk through the environment as if you were there. Orkney photographer, Colin Keldie (K4 Graphics), has a number of Google Tours under his belt, one of the most recent being this exciting trip round the Ocean Kinetics building. Colin is a 'Trusted Photographer' for Google and creates the tours by taking a series of hundred of photos with a special camera before building them into the map and publishing. Often described as the ultimate photoshoot, there are great benefits for business and adding an interractive element to your website.

You can currently take a virtual tour of the following Shetland venues:

September 30, 2015

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