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Facebook lets you build your own customised audiences according to engagement

July 31, 2017

Facebook will be capitalising on the notion of getting your target audience right. The social media platform is now looking to provide brands with the chance to customise the audiences they communicate with, according to the latter’s engagement with a brand.

Facebook will present your business with relevant insights - such as who has engaged with your Instagram and Facebook profiles, and other content, and most importantly, how. Additional criteria would follow from there on for further audience refinement.

Since this feature of the platform is still in testing, only several brands have been given the chance to try out Facebook’s audience insight and filtering capabilities so far. But we are definitely looking forward to what this means for the rapidly growing Facebook - the platform holding the social media crown, with 1.86 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Facebook has also introduced beta testing of ads in Messenger, which is now expanded worldwide. The ads will be placed within the app’s home tab. This Messenger functionality is planned to add more value for marketers and Traffic and Conversion objective campaigns, extending their reach of customers where they are already active and engaged. The scope for this is huge: Messenger has reached 1.2 billion monthly users this April.

With so many new possibilities being added to the social media landscape, you are probably considering how to update your business’ social media strategy or even start from scratch. Give us a shout and NB’s digital marketing experts will be happy to discuss your current plans and ideas, and take them further.

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July 31, 2017

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