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Find Your True North campaign celebrates Shetland’s winter delights

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November 29, 2021

A high-profile digital marketing campaign to attract more visitors to Shetland this winter has been launched on to kickstart an ambitious multi-channel publicity drive.

The “Find Your True North” campaign was devised by NB Communication as part of its work running the Promote Shetland service.

Visit Scotland funding totalling £60,000 made the publicity drive possible and the work is on top of Promote Shetland’s core effort to market Shetland as an attractive place to live, work, visit, study and invest.

There a several elements to the Find Your True North campaign including:

  • A new microsite at which is packed with information about the isles and what to do at this time of year;
  • The UK’s most northerly live video stream – a new addition to the Shetland Webcams network, supported by Promote Shetland;
  • A new film which celebrates Shetland’s natural drama, wild weather, cosy accommodation, and fine local food;
  • A digital advertising campaign that will spread the message across Scotland that Shetland is the ultimate destination for a winter break this year;
  • High profile social media activity targeting Scots living in or close to the cities with excellent transport links to Shetland.

“Find Your True North” emphasises the adventure and excitement that comes with a visit to the UK’s most northerly archipelago – including wild weather, invigorating walks, exceptional wildlife, and the chance to marvel at the spectacular Mirrie Dancers.

NB Communication successfully applied to Visit Scotland for funding, with the national organisation committing £60,000 to the promotional effort. It is part of Visit Scotland’s Destination and Marketing fund, which aims to support the tourism industry’s recovery from the pandemic.

Promote Shetland’s campaign focuses on the opportunity for Scottish tourists to step away from their hectic lives and the rigours of the last 18 months with a visit to Shetland.

NB’s head of content marketing Adam Civico said the desire to extend the season into the winter months had been a long-held aspiration for the tourism industry.

“There is a surprising amount on offer at this time of year and we were delighted to secure extra funding to tell the story of a Shetland winter and attract more visitors.

“Our ‘Find Your True North’ campaign builds on Shetland’s location and the sense of adventure and excitement that visitors can experience in the winter. As the northernmost part of the UK there is nowhere better to try and glimpse the Northern Lights – a ‘bucket list’ wish for many. Shetland is spectacular year-round, with stunning landscapes, pristine beaches and incredible wildlife.

“We believe there is pent up demand from those living in Scottish cities to visit Shetland and enjoy such invigorating experiences and genuinely ‘get away from it all’."

Shetland Tourism Association chairwoman Jolene Garriock echoed that sentiment and said she is “really excited” about the campaign.

“Shetland has so much to offer, whatever the time of year and the hard work put in by Promote Shetland really showcases that.

“Yes, the days are darker, and the weather is wilder but that is all part of the true Shetland experience.

“Come and find out for yourself, we look forward to seeing you.”

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November 29, 2021

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