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How to protect your passwords

A password management app can store your log-ins and passwords for all the different online accounts and apps you use. Your passwords are then encrypted within the app and to access them you just need one master password – the only one you have to remember. Here we look at some of the best known password management solutions available today.

Shetland Folk Festival celebrates 40 years

In 2012, the Shetland Folk Festival committee commissioned NB to design and build a new website to provide information about visiting and local artists, and to promote the programme of concerts. They were also keen to move away from their long-standing, paper-based process for selling tickets, which was cumbersome and time-consuming. NB developed a bespoke online system, designed to meet with the very specific needs of the festival and its many members. This improved the customer experience for those buying memberships and tickets, speeding up the process and making the entire festival much more efficient to manage for the committee. We’ve worked closely with the committee ever since, continually upgrading the website and improving the booking system to make use of newly available technologies, With the 40th festival coming up, read more about our work to keep everything working smoothly online.


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