Ally Naumova

Project Manager
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Ralitsa, better known as Ally, is the newest addition to NB Communication’s team, joining us in Edinburgh in April 2017.

Having graduated from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen with a first class honours and special distinction in BA (Hons) Communications with Public Relations, Ally was also awarded a certificate as the course’s best student for the whole four-year-period of study.

Following such an achievement Ally managed to secure an internship with one of her native Bulgaria's bigger full-service advertising agencies, where she gains some valuable experience as an Account Executive. Tapping into the various strands of business a full-service advertising agency operates, due to the dynamic character of her position, Ally develops her now sound understanding of each of the agency’s departments in order to meet the marketing and business development needs of clients of various sizes, including companies such as BMW, Coca Cola, Carlsberg and DSK Bank.

Following her natural curiosity and thirst for adventure, her love for the city of Edinburgh, and her specific interests and enthusiasm for the progressive field of digital marketing, Ally relocated to join the NB team, and will be getting stuck with the agency’s busy project work and exciting plans for expansion.

Out with office hours, Ally can be found in nearly every dance studio based in Edinburgh, or every major city in the world for that matter. Her creative nature and passion for music, dancing and the arts motivates her never ending travels back and forth her own dance crew’s base in Sofia, as well as other studios based in London, Edinburgh, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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