Our Team

Alexandra Wyllie

Digital Marketing Executive

Alexandra moved to Shetland in 2020 “for four weeks” and is still here to this day. Joining NB in 2022 as Digital Marketing Executive, Alexandra was one of several new hires within a team expansion.

Since graduating with a master’s in Digital Marketing and Social Media from the University of Dundee she worked freelance as a digital marketer for various clients, from small businesses based in Shetland to tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, California.

An experienced copywriter, Alexandra’s true passion is social media and video marketing, and can usually see an Instagram account opportunity in any project.

Outside of the office Alexandra is a keen creative writer, reader, film-watcher and gig-goer, as well as being the unofficial dog-sitter for anyone willing. She is also on the committee for Shetland ForWirds and is one in a team of volunteers who run the social media pages promoting the Shetland dialect on the islands and around the world.