Shetland’s Web Design and Internet Marketing Specialists.

About NB Communication

NB Communication is a successful digital marketing agency with its roots in Shetland, a national presence and global horizons.

Founded in 2002, we employ seven people directly at our office in Lerwick, which is the capital of these beautiful but rugged islands situated at the crossroads between Scotland and Scandinavia. We also have a worldwide network of experts who provide highly-skilled support in a range of different disciplines. These experts are approved suppliers, signed up to work on specific projects.

We have built a reputation for high-quality, competitively-priced digital marketing services, in particular website design and construction, in Shetland and beyond. We are expanding to meet a growing demand for services as good if not better than those produced by big city agencies, but with the degree of individual attention you only find with small companies. We are clear about what we do. We take pride in what we do. And it won’t cost you the earth.

Meet The Team...

David Nicol

I'm the managing director here, having been one of the founders of the business back in 2002.

In addition to setting the overall direction for the company I'm also in charge of sales, and I do most of the website strategy and planning work at the start of each project. I also contribute my accessibility and usability knowledge to ensure that each site is as good as it can be.

My vision for the future of NB Communication is for us to keep growing and improving. I want us to be a successful Shetland-based company which helps other local businesses and organisations to prosper and grow, whilst simultaneously assisting many more clients from elsewhere in the UK (and beyond). The recipe for achieving success is very simple: we'll strive to provide excellent Internet marketing services that generate real results.

Outside work I enjoy playing various sports, including golf, cricket, football and pool, and I'm also the man to blame for the existence of Jamiesons' Big Pockets, Shetland's least-prolific blues/funk/oom-pah band.

David Gifford

I've worked at NB Communication at various times since 2004, including a gap year and several summer holidays, and became a full-time Project Manager at NB in 2009. Over the years - since my first websites in the late 90s - I've helped plan, build and improve the online presence of well into the hundreds of clients.

My background is in Politics and Law, having graduated from Edinburgh University with MA(Hons) in Politics, and LLB DipLP in Law. Back living in Shetland, I've turned my attention to the creative and business professions - but find my wider knowledge and experience very beneficial.

Experienced in the full web-development process, I'm an advocate of making websites as accessible and easy to use as possible. I also like using the art and science of fine tuning websites for fast page load times, and optimising them for search engine listings.

Away from the computer, I enjoy getting outdoors to photograph Shetland's amazing wildlife and landscapes. You can see some of my photos on my photography website

Kylie Wood

I started my position as Marketing Officer at NB Communication in August 2012, after graduating from Stirling University with a BA (Hons) degree in Marketing and Sports Studies. This is my first involvement with a digital marketing agency, and I have learned a lot about the processes and strategies involved in the planning of a website.

As a graduate Marketing Officer one of my roles has been to improve the working processes at NB and to research and help the business to develop and grow. To achieve this, I carry out market research to assist our team to better understand our existing customers’ needs, and to improve the services that we offer. I am also researching and reporting the external opportunities that NB have to support the business to grow. Working at NB Communication, I have been able to apply knowledge that I developed throughout my time at University, and to work on interesting projects that will hopefully help improve what we offer here at NB.

Outside of work I am a very keen sportsperson, keeping myself fit and playing competitive netball, badminton, volleyball and hockey. I also enjoy travelling to new places and have a passion for drawing and scrapbooking.

Chris Thomson

I joined NB Communication in a graduate position as a Web Developer/Project Manager in September 2012, after stints teaching classroom music and working in social care. I've learned a great deal so far, doing everything from small updates to building an ecommerce website. As a graduate, one of my roles is to examine our working processes at NB and identify how we can become a better company.

I've always done a bit of web design, ever since I found Geocities back in the mid 90's. However, unlike the neon, animated GIF strewn desert that was Geocities, I think that great websites are works of true art - it isn't just about looking good, they have to be functional too. Form meets function. Purpose meet pizzazz. It takes as many incisive creative decisions to build a great website as it does to write a great novel or a great album. Here at NB Communication, I work within a team that examines every little detail, to make sure what we create is effective and efficient, and suited to the needs of both the client and their audience.

Outside work, I play keys and rhythm guitar in the Queen of Shetland's cover bands, First Foot Soldiers, in amongst many other musical projects.

My favourite colour is purple.

Matthew Simpson

I joined NB Communication under a 3 month graduate position in August 2012, having just completed a BSc in Computing. I initially only worked 2 days a week due to working part time elsewhere but I made the use of my time to gain practical web design skills and gain a better understanding of the programming languages used by NB. Once my graduate placement was completed I continued working here and am now currently working 3 days a week, which I see as a step in the right direction.

I've managed to learn a lot in my time at NB Communication so far, from learning some basic tip/tricks in HTML5/CSS3 to creating custom applications to achieve some very cool features on the sites I've worked on. I've also learned the importance of cross-browser testing to ensure that sites being built look the same on all popular browsers, from the latest version of Chrome right down to Internet Explorer 7. All-in-all this has been a valuable experience for me so far and I hope to continue to grow my skillset for the forseeable future.

In my spare time I enjoy a wealth of pursuits, many of which include some area of technology. My latest project involves connecting a home energy monitor to a Raspberry Pi and using it to build graph of my energy usage to display on a website. I also enjoy the usual social gatherings and frequent trips to the cinema.

Paul Thomson

I started working as Web and Application Developer for NB Communication in August 2012 and I combine this role with that of a Computing & Business Teacher at a local high school in Shetland.

Having graduated from the University Of Strathclyde in 2001 with an BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science I worked as a Software Engineer in the defence industry for 5 years. This allowed me to develop my software development skills whilst working on projects for fast-jets and helicopters which included the radar and mapping software for the Tornado aircraft. With this experience behind me, in 2007 I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and returned home to Shetland to teach the next generation of developers.

Passionate about technology, working for NB Communication provides me with the ideal opportunity to work on exciting projects and remain at the forefront of web and application development.

Outwith work I am proud to stay on Unst, Britain’s most northerly island. This involves taking on numerous roles within the community (Retained Fire-fighter, UnstFest Secretary, Unst F.C. President, Unst Partnership Director) which keeps me busy all year round!